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Richman Castle – Kaluthara

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Richman Castle  is Located about 4km from Kalutara to Palathota Road, Sri Lanka. you will get a unique design. It is nothing but the Richmond castle house of Nanayakkara Rajawasala Appuhamilage Don Arthur de Silva Wijesinghe Siriwardena. Mudali once visited the Maharaja of India. He saw his palace and request the Maharaja’s house, gives a plan to build a similar mansion. After Maharaja’s request rejected. The Mudaliratha sent a few architects from the country to look at the Maharaja’s palace. From the outside and began to work out accordingly. In 1910, the wedding ceremony and the house wedding were held on the same day. The day the wedding ceremony takes place, Kalutara decorated with a number of pandals on the day of the wedding ceremony. Naturals are given more importance than their own palaces Dusky is commended.

The top of the palace has windows that allow cool air to come in from the Black River. The main hall where Mudali and his wife watch the theater is separate. Also, the separate viewing platform built for the two of them. The water has been in the central courtyard of the palace Æda courtyard wall facing toward the mouth of the water has created a small lion relaxing ruvē has occurred in the past. The room, which has 16 rooms, 99 door windows, and 38 windows, is located adjacent to a corridor on the floor of the mansion.

Whats We can See Insite Richman Castle

The Mudali and his wife lived a luxurious life and were not fortunate enough to have children.

Sadly, after 30 years of marriage and not having any children, the Muthalaya reached an agreement with his wife
She entrusted to her relatives and had handed over her palace and property to a board of trustees. She had spent the last six years at Queen’s Hotel in Kandy, where she had made a last will to use her assets for the benefit of the children. thrown.

When you enter the palace, the Kalutara Bodhiya and the bridge you can see.

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