Activities of Sri Lanka

Activities Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is Famous for Activity all around the year. So, the sun, sand and the mountains offer the adventures seekers the best thrills one can find. Sri Lanka Activities has been abreast in introducing the latest adventure in sri lanka keeping to all safety requirements. The adventures junkie needs only to decide on the venue of choice. These adventures vary per location so holidaying in a small tropical Island gives you that adventures of experiencing the adrenalin rush, you can ride the rapids in the morning and take up a surfing lesson in the evening. The adventures go paramotoring and dive into the ocean a few hours later.

You can enjoy Elephant riding, hiking and etc. Within this island, there are more than 70 Sanctuaries, National Parks & a number of wetlands and sri lanka mountain range. Therefore the biodiversity in this country is regarded to be greater per sq. Sri Lanka has many Activities in rain forests, virgin forest, and wetlands.  There are also many ecosystems with mangroves, sand dunes, beaches, Climbing sri lanka mountains and coral reefs.  Numbering over 220, Sri Lanka for its size has perhaps the largest number of waterfalls of any country in the world. Sri Lankan Riders manage all things.

If you want to enjoy many activities. wildlife, yoga, Wakeboarding, surfing and diving.

Sri Lanka Famous Activity in,

  1. White Water Rafting
  2. Hiking and trekking
  3. Hot Air Balloon
  4. Sea Sports
  5. Elephant Riding
  6. Village Tours

Sri Lanka Elephant


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