White Water rafting

White Water Rafting Sri Lanka

Kithulgala Water Rafting

This White Water rafting activity is Great fun for first-timers and experts alike. It is with a wide range and grading of rapids. Some of the island’s more turbulent waters such as the Kelani River. Kithulgala is famous for water rafting. Kitulgala in the hill country southwest of Kandy provides an ideal base from which many White Water rafting trips take place.

If you are looking at an activity and leisure base close to Colombo, Kitulgala is the place. The river and its surrounding will make you feel enchanted. And the memorable experience during your White water rafting in Kithulgala.

White water rafting is a challenging recreational activity and an exhilarating water sport. But, Yet contrary to the public belief, it not a sport that demands great physical strength. However, those suffering from heart ailments, epilepsy as well as those who are uncomfortable in turbulent waters aren’t advised to go White water rafting

Some of the rivers of Sri Lanka afford the opportunity for recreational activists and water sports enthusiast to enjoy White water rafting. The small town of Kitulgala in the hill country is the most famous place in Sri Lanka to do so.

The best time to enjoy White water rafting at Kitulgala is the period from May to December. During periods of heavy rain, the river could turn out to be very volatile and becomes very unsafe. The adventure operators on site would advise all water sports enthusiasts on the matter. However, water levels could drop surprisingly fast, turning the river to its regular state during the rainy season as well.

white water rafting kitulgala sri lanka

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