Elephant Riding

Elephant Riding Sri Lanka…

In Sri Lanka about 3000 wild elephants most of the living in minneriya, kaudulla, wasgamauwa national park area. Indeed, 200 – 250 Domestic elephants living on this island. In fact, Sri Lanka few places are available for Elephant riding. The ma hoods (who is taking care of elephants)  they trained very well to move with peoples.  Habarana (closer to Sigiriya) is most famous for riding. Pinnawala millennium elephants foundation.

Elephant riding Back Safaris is one of the newest and most Happiness  Safari experiences in Sri Lanka. All of these add up to bring about memorable experiences to the tourists holidaying in Sri Lanka. This Safari Make it Possible to View Wildlife And Inciting opportunity to share a day in the life of an Elephant

Habarana Ride

Habarana is a popular location among wildlife enthusiasts and nature tourists. Because it’s the central location of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, attracts many culture tourists. So, habarana is the transit point for the large herds of wild elephants at the National Parks of Minneriya and Kaudulla.

Actually, the best period for Elephant rideBack Safaris at Habarana is from March to July when the water level of the river is high enough to ride. From August to November, the level of water in the river is low. From December to February when it’s the rainy season at Habarana, the river would flow.

habarana safari

Minneriya and Kaudulla Elephant Ride

Then, Minneriya National Park and Kaudulla National Park are famous and regular tourist attraction view for large herds of elephants.

Elephant riding

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