Riverston Peak

riverston sri lanka

Riverston sri lanka

This riverston peak is a hill country of Sri Lanka. And a beautiful and peaceful area is also a great place to make a relax on your nice holiday to Sri Lanka. Are your nature lover, photographer or honeymoon couple if you want to enjoy your position.


Riverston Located 30 km from the Matale town and 200km from Colombo airport (6 hrs drive). And down the Matale – Girandurukotte Road.

This is a windy road, with its sharp hairpin turns, offers some of the best views to the surrounding countryside, to the extent that it is called the Mini World’s End. 

It is very popular among locals, the area is comparatively unknown amongst mainstream tourists. This area is the natural beauty of Sri Lanka.
Here Climatic conditions are very similar to Horton Plains.

Riverston also offers two graceful waterfalls “Sera Ella” and “Bambarakiri Ella”. Sera Ella also has some easier located rock seats. Which a visitor can enjoy the refreshing cold spray of misty droplets.

It nearby freshwater river, Thelgamu Oya offers crystal clear but chilly water for you.

In addition we can see, Virgin Forest, Aluvihara Temple, Nicholoya and Midland Tea Estates and Riverston Misty Peak.

The riverston peak stunning misty views of the nearby Knuckles Mountain Range and Thelgamu river valley.

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