Tropical Fruits in Sri Lanka


This is one of the favorite and famous fruit is mango. There are many kinds of mangoes you can find all around Sri Lanka. This is softy fruit and that makes the sweet mouth. Mango is commonly used to make juice and fruit salads. The mango season starts from May to August.  This inside is a delicious yellow color. The most popular variety of this fruit is the Karuthakolamban, willard, mee amba(mango) and gira amba.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a unique fruit. Who wants to make a passion fruit drink, that is a fantastic decision. You can make it yourself. Get a passion fruit juice and mixing sugar with water. This is rich in vitamin C and Vitamin B.

sri lanka passion fruit


This fruit is very strong. Some countries don’t showing this durian fruit in public places because of the smell.

sri lanka durian


Rambutan is a very sweet fruit in Sri Lanka. You can’t miss it. You can recognize this fruits as crimson red hairy balls that you can cover with your hands.  Rambutan season is May to August. Sri Lanka’s Gampaha district famouse for ‘Malwana Rambutan’ . There is the sweet fleshy portion covering the seed. 

sri lanka tropical fruit rambutan



This is a not very important fruit in Sri Lanka. commonly used to make a refreshing juice. The pulp is thick and it can be either very sweet or slightly sour. Besides the numerous health benefits, wood apples have many vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, fibre and protein.



This is also one of the tropical fruit in Sri Lanka. This fruit is in season from May to June.  This fruit is growing in areas like Gampaha, Kurunegala, Monaragala and Badulla.




Banana is very very famous in Sri Lanka. This also best fruit for the heart. It is very rich in potassium. It has many variants. 20 types of bananas are available in Sri Lanka.




Mangosteen is a famous “health fruits” in Sri Lanka. This is rich to prevent many diseases. Like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.



This is good food for people suffering from hypertension and heart problems. Sri Lanka is also commonly called “Butter fruit”.



Papaya is a common food for desserts . It is rich in fiber aid in digestion.  papaya is tastes and smells very sweet.  sri lankan peoples know papaya for “papol”.



Jackfruit has sweet smell and this is very tasty. Mostly people this roast the seeds for snacks. 



Guava is a common tree can be found in Sri Lanka.  That is a very sweet taste. guava can grow as small to the size of a baseball.



Pomegranate is also “miracle health fruit”. It is also available in Sri Lanka. It can help to prevent the most dreaded diseases like cancer and diabetes. In addition, hypertension and kidney problems. 



Soursop is also very sweet. It smells very good and during summer seasons. 

Soursop Tropical fruit


Sugar Apple

It’s look is tough and rough skin. but very tasty and soft inside. That is loved by everyone.  This’s juice are very tasty.

sugar apple


These fruits are popular during summer.   Jambu fruits are used to garnish . but this is very delicious fruit.

jambu fruit sri lanka

King Coconut

King Coconut tropical fruit has a most month of the year Sri Lanka. Especially, it is drinking to hot and sunny weather. These king coconuts which are locally said to as ‘Thambili’ hold a refreshing liquid inside.

king coconut
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