Trincomalee nilaveli uppaveli koneshwaram

Trincomalee is home to the fine beaches of Nilaveli, Uppuveli, and the off-shore Pigeon Island in Sri Lanka.  This is one of the finest natural deep-water harbors in the world. Most Peoples become to Trincomalee as a Whale Watching destination as well. Because, Nilaveli and Uppuveli are famous for diving, snorkeling, and swimming In Sri Lanka.

The seven hot springs at Kanniya located a mere 8km from Trincomalee sri lanka. It is attract regular crowds throughout the year in view of the therapeutic properties of the water as well as the varying temperatures from one well to the other.

Koneswaram Temple

Thirukoneswaram, or the Holy Koneswaram Temple, is a Hindu temple in this city. This, still beautiful, historical monument is what remains of what once was a sprawling temple city equal to the ancient city of Madurai, India…

Fort Fredrick

Fort Fredrick, also known as Trincomalee Fort or Fort of Triquillimale.  It is Built by the Portuguese. This was completed in 1624 CE, built on Swami Rock-Konamamalai. Then, Konamalai cape was also building a new village of Portuguese and Tamil people, 50 Portuguese soldiers and inside the fort… The Fort of Triquillimale was dismantling and rebuilt by the Dutch in 1665, renamed Fort Fredrick.

Trincomalee beach

This Trincomalee beaches with knee deep shallow waters that runs hundreds of feet into the sea. Because, It is opportunities for surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling. In Addition, fishing and Whale Watching. Then, this is the gateway to a few of the finest beaches on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, namely Uppuveli and Nilaveli located 6km and 16km away from the town area in Sri Lanka.

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