Merry Christmas Day

Merry Christmas Day | Sri Lanka | December Holiday

Christmas is celebrating on December 25 every year. Christmas celebrates the birth of the baby Jesus who brought the message of peace to the world on Christmas day. Between 36…


National Independence Day

National Independence Day Sri Lanka | Sri Lankan RIders Holiday

National Day is a day specially designated to celebrate national status by a nation or non-sovereign nation. The Independence Day of Sri Lanka can be celebrated in accordance with the…


Esala Full Moon Poya Day

Esala Full Moon Poya Day | Sri Lankan Riders

  After observing the Buddha’s observation, Lord Maya conceived the womb of Lord Maya on the day of Esala Poya. Siddhartha Buddha disheartened by the devastation of Lord Buddha and…


Bak Full Moon Day

Summer Vacation Sri Lanka | Reserve a Driver Guide

The month of Buk Pohobak, or April, is a month of peace and comfort for all of Sri Lankan. This is the second time Buddha Siripa became purer on the…


Nawam Full Moon Poya Day

Budhda Tour Operator | Riders

Arahant Sariyut Mugalan conferred the honorary post on the day of Nawam Full Moon Poya. This poya day also important poya day in Sri lanka. On the day of the…


Madin Full Moon Poya Day

Top Cultural Triangle Tour Sri lanka

The madin full moon Poya day in mid-month is also a great day in the history of the Sambuddha Sasana. It was on the full moon Poya day that the…


Uduwap Full Moon Poya Day

December Holiday Sri Lanka | Sri Lankan Riders Tours

Uduwap Full Moon Poya Day that the Lord Budhda , who has helped the world enlighten the Buddha, has shown his merits by offering the Lochana Pooja. The sacred Sri…


Ill Full Moon Poya Day

Ill Full Moon Poya Day Sri Lanka | TripAdvisor

The full moon, full of solos, rises on the full moon and falls on the full moon fullmoon day. The Il-Poon Poya Day is centered on a series of religiously…


Vap Full Moon Poya Day

Vap Full Moon Day Sri Lanka | Find a Great Driver

Vap moon Poya Day is an important Poya day with a number of wonderful Buddhist events. The glorious sasanic phenomena such as the Great Asanaya, the Divine Ascension, Sariputta Thera…

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