Pidurangala Rock

sigiriya lion rock with pidurangala mountain

Pidurangala is a Big and Beautiful rock. It has an interesting history closely related to that of the Sigiriya Fortress. Being less grand and far more difficult to climb it is often overlooked by tourists. This mountain was forming by volcanic activity. Whilst Mountain appears larger than Sigiriya.  Its upper surface is steeply sloped and is of solid rock.

Climbing Pidurangala is very easy. Hence, but just the very last part is difficult. Just like Sigiri, there steps in some areas but they will not take you to the top of this.

For this reason, it was not suitable for large-scale building activity. The rocky outcrops that surround the central rock give one an indication of what the area around Sigiriya. Then, may have looked like prior to it is clearing and preparation as a royal citadel.

This mountain area has been occupied on and off for over two thousand five hundred years. It was monks who lived in the caves around the site. It really came into prominence when King Kasyapa. Who built Sigiriya, moved monks living around Lion Rock to a newly refurbished and enlarged temple and monastery here at Pidurangala.

Pidurangala rock mountain sri lanka

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