Bundala national park

Bundala national park


Bundala national park is Located 251 km southeast of Colombo, close to the City of Hambantota in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. This park is hot and dry. Some seasons average Temperature is 27 degrees Celsius likewise. But annual rainfall between 900mm to 1300mm in bundala national park sri lanka.This famouse for elephants. If you want to see this park join with sri lankan riders.

Bundala National Park Animals

This park famous for Water Bird Found. Nearly 200 species of birds have been recorded within the park. Infact,  which 58 species are migratory birds of course. The lagoons at this park among them are ibis, pelicans and painted storks. In Addition, Black-necked Stork, terns, gulls, sand-pipers, snipes, teals, egrets and spoonbills. Endemic birds include the Brown-capped Babbler, Ceylon Woodshrike and Ceylon Junglefowl.

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Bundala is home to 32 species of mammals. There are civets, wild boars, Grey & Ruddy mongoose and porcupine. In Addition,  giant Indian palm squirrels, black-naped hares, Spotted Deer, Wild Buffalo, the endemic, jackal and fishing & Rusty Spotted cats.

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It has a small population of elephants that varies between 25 and 60 depending on the season.

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The coastal area attracts Loggerhead Turtle, Green Turtle, Hawk’s bill turtle and Olive Ridley. Actually, four out of Sri Lanka’s five marine turtle species, which come ashore to lay their eggs Between October and January. Watching egg-laying turtles in the night, on the beaches of Bundala is a sight that no visitor would forget in his lifetime.

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