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Sri Lanka is a famous and land of spices. And Sri Lanka spices also rich of all flavor. Spices are the mother’s friend. We cook some dishes when we use spices a lot. Curries, sambols, short eats and make all foods for use spices. Sri Lanka is the most famous one is Ceylon cinnamon. Its uses for curries and also used for natural Ayurvedic remedies. Sri Lanka has many spices. Chilli Powder, Black Paper, Ginger, cardamom and Cloves. In Fact, Nutmeg, Turmeric, Curry leaves, Lemongrass and Vanilla.

Curry Leaves (Karapincha)

This tree is native to Asia. These leaves are smaller and shiny.  Karapincha binomial name is Murraya koenigii. We used all curries for Curry Leaves. Curry leaves are rich for medicinal.

karapincha curry leaves spices sri lanka

Turmeric (Kaha) 

Turmeric has very beautiful yellow color. It’s binomial name is Circuma longa. It has been medicinal plant. Termeric used Used mostly in face masks and hair treatments. It’s powder of this root is also used in curries.

Sri Lanka Spices termeric

Cinnamon (Kurundu) 

There are two kinds of cinnamon. It’s Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon. Sri Lanka is the number one producer and exporter of Ceylon cinnamon. Cinnamon has an aromatic and sweet flavour.  If you come Sri Lanka you can see Ceylone cinnamon.

Cinnamon spice sri lanka

Clove (Karambunatti)

Clove is not native to Sri Lanka or India. This Used for its flavor and aroma in meat or rice dishes. And it also used to make a toothpaste. Clove is good for toothache.


Cardamom (Enasal)

This is a famous spice in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan peoples known ‘Enasal’. Cardamom is queen of spices. This is used in sambols and curries. Cardamom is native to India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangaladesh.

Enasal Cardamom  spices sri lanka

Black Pepper (Gam Miris)

Black pepper is the second most produced spices in Sri Lanka. It used in Indian cooking. We used pepper for all foods.

Lemongrass (Sera)

Lemongrass is including for citrus flavor. And is used for medical herbs. East Indian lemongrass is from Sri Lanka, India, and Burma. In Addition Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. 

Nutmeg and Mace (Sadikka and Wasawasi)

Nutmeg and mace spices are native to Indonesia. But nutmeg trees grow quite well in Sri Lanka. Add this flavor to foods and cakes.


Fresh ginger used in all Asian kitchens. Nowadays, it is a very commonly used spice Sri Lanka and Globally. It has medicinal value as well.

Sri Lanka spices ginger

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