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Wildlife National Park of Sri Lanka

Wildlife of Sri Lanka sri lankan riders

Actually, Sri Lanka is very Beautiful and lucky country. Then, it has most of the things. This country has a lot of wildlife national Park.  Furthermore traveling into the jungles with camps deep within the National Park. Then, it is an undiscovered treasure in the World wild map. Indeed, there are several National Parks. These the best known is the Yala National Park safari. It is in the deep south of the island.  Almost the other parks are Gal Oya National Park, Udawalawa National Park and Wasgomuwa National Park. In Addition Minneriya National Park, Willpattu National Park and Horton Plains National Park.

Actually, the topography and vegetation change more. It is from due to parking to park. We also see even the flora and fauna. Most common these Parks are elephants and birdlife.

Including most of Amazing things in National Park.  Sri Lanka is a little island (the area about 65,000 square kilometers).  Indeed, including flora and fauna and natural habitats of Sri Lanka. Most part of the countryside thrilling safari you could choose from, and easily. In pass-through National Parks, Rainforest, sanctuaries.

Including to experts, both local and foreign. Then, Sri Lanka is best for a big game safari outside of Africa. Actually, though difficult to imagine, this tiny island being the next to the gigantic African continent when the likelihood and cost of seeing and photography four or five animals so the (elephant, leopard, sloth bear, sperm whale, and blue whale )  in Sri lanka…

sri lankan riders wild life yala horton plains national park safari

Popular Wildlife Park in Sri Lanka

  1. Wilpattu wildlife national park

  2. Minneriya wildlife national park

  3. Wasgamuwa wildlife national park

  4. Kaudulla wildlife national park

  5. Gal Oya wildlife national park

  6. Udawalawa National Park

  7. Yala National Park

  8. Bundala wildlife National park

  9. Sinharaja Rain Forest

  10. Udawatta Kele sanctuary

  11. Horton Plains National Park

above is the most highlights of Sri Lanka.

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