Statue of Tara


Sri Lankan Statue in London

The Statue of Tara is a magnificent work taken from Sri Lanka and exhibited at the London Museum.

The metal statues of the British Museum in London are a magnificent masterpiece of a 7th or 8th century Sri Lankan artist whose statue of Tara is in very good shape.  This bronze statue made of gold plated and polished.  There are two different views on this statue and one is that it is a statue of Goddess Pattini based on the Hindu religious features that influenced the culture of Sri Lanka in the latter part of Anuradhapura.  The other theory was the Mahayana Buddhism was spreading faster than Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka during the 7th century AD. This is a statue of the god Tara, associated with the Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva in the Mahayana philosophy.

Later, when the statue of a dagger with similar features was founding in East Asian countries.  It was concluding that the statue was a duck angel.  The rustic seal of this beautifully decorated body features the hands of a beautiful woman.  The upper naked and the underside was presenting with a dark cloak.  Most people believe that it is a kind-hearted look on the face, kindness, and friendship.  There is a hole in the center of the capstone, which is probably a gem.

According to historical records, the British governor of Ceylon, Robert Brownry, in 1830, stole the monument from the King’s monuments and secretly sent it to Britain.  However, the British government catched by British officials during construction in Trincomalee 1800 and handed over to the British Government.

Tara statue in London Museum

However, authorities have been reluctant to display the statue of Tara, which it brought to the London Museum in 1830. Because of its large breasts and naked legs.  The statue, which  hidden for over 30 years.  Until the end of the Victorian Eucharist, has been on display since 1860.  But only those who study history and archeology have the opportunity to see it and study it first.

This still holds a very safe particle in the London Museum.  The statue stolen from the Sri Lankan government. And on several occasions and requested to restore it to Sri Lanka as it is a magnificent work of art.  This is because there is a great demand to see this duck statue in the London Museum.  As a result, a statue of the same size. And shape  displayed at the Colombo National Museum.

The statue of Tara, along with 32 other artifacts stolen from Sri Lanka and sold to the British at various times, is still in the London Museum.

statue of tara sri lanka london museum  statue of Tara

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