Ceylon Tea

Sri Lankan Tea formerly called Ceylon Tea. This is one of the main income of the Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Tea is a fourth largest producer and second largest exporter in the world. Ceylon tea is supplying tea to the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. It is a great equalizer, demanding.

Ceylon Tea is also fact confirmed by the ISO Technical Committee.  Just a tea area is a scenic wonder and panoramic tea garden. Most situated in area between 3,000 and 8,000 feet.

Drinking a few cups of tea and buying a tea items on your visit to Sri Lanka. It is best way to know about this aspect of Ceylon. That is one of path experience for yourself.

Low-grown teas, at an elevation below 2000 feet. It is making good colour and strength and popularly drunk with milk.

Mid-grown teas, grown between 2000 to 4000 feet. It is rich in flavour with good colour.

High-grown teas, grown of 4000 feet and above, considered premium, and exude beautiful golden liquor and an intense, powerful aroma.

Currently, Sri Lanka exports green tea to more than 40 countries. The Major buyers are Russian, United Arab Emirates and Jordan.  

Blue field Tea Factory

Bluefield Tea Gardens is Located at 1200 m above Sea Level in the town of RAMBODA. And it is surrounded by quite and scenically environment. If you want Factory visit, taste Tea and Cakes and etc. More details

sri lankan blue fild

Dambro Tea factory ( mackwood)

This Established in 1841. They provide a full range of unblended Single Estate Black Teas. As well as a full range Flavoured Teas, Infusions and Connoisseurs Teas including Silver Tips and Golden Tips. More Details

Tea bush Tea factory

This factory involved in its selection, blending, packaging and export. More details

Glenloch Tea factory

More details

Halpe Tea factory

They have their very own plantations. More deatails

Sri Lankan Tea factory

Kadugannawa Tea factory

Kadugannawa  tea factory started in 1994. This is manufactured and packed are in best standards. They provide tea Plucking competitions for the guests. They serve a finest cup of tea for all our visitors for free. more details

Pilimathalawa Tea factory

tea factory pilimathalawa kaduganwa

This tea factory called “Embillian Tea”. This family business established in 1940. Today this brand have many products. More details

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