Sri Lankan Batik Industry

Sri Lanka is famous for shopping. Especially for Clothes and gems. Sri Lankan greatest shopping item is Batik. It has come a long way since it spread across East Asia by Dutch colonial officers. That is fantastic art. It’s for using wax on fabric. It is dying in order to avoid dying a certain section of the fabric. The fantastic art of batik method is also known as wax-resist dying.

That is grow into an amazing industry of fabric art in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam. In addition, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. Every butik designs are usually very colourful and unique. Everyone like and interested in this industry. Most of the ladies love a dress with design butik.

It is decorating a piece by creating a pattern with wax and colouring rest of the piece of cloth, creating a vibrant mosaic with coloured and uncoloured areas. This works have many different types. Mostly, everyone favourite Wall decorations. In fact, saree, table cloths, bed sheets and etc.

Today this field manufacturing in Sri Lanka is deep into the local culture and many local artists have embraced it as one of our own, developing unique wax resist and dying techniques to create batik designs that are unique to Sri Lankan batik artists. 

If you travel to Sri Lanka when you can buy a lot of batik materials at a reasonable price. Sri Lanka batik designs are rescuing from the clutch of traditional clothing and summer wears.

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