Silence Beach Tangalle

Silent Beach located south of Colombo. about 192 km away from the capital of colombo . Tangalle is one of the most delightful spots along the south drift, especially on the off chance that you need some place to discover a place to laze around and splash up the sun. Tangalle arrangement of coves is an advanced fascination, while there are private shorelines and bays along the drift.

Silent beach tangalle

Around Silent Beach



Goyambokka beach by google mapsGoyambokka Beach is situated  in Tangalle, Sri Lanka. Its very closer to silent one.   It is quite a popular beach Locally and foreigners. Also  it a family-friendly place. 

Tangalle public beach Tangalle Public beach is situated in near the tangalle harbor. And closer to tangalle light house too. Its famous with local and foreigners. But bit busy t han other places. 


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