Scenic Train Ride Sri Lanka

Rail line introduced to Sri Lanka in the 18th century. For transport coffee From Upcountry of Kandy to the Colombo. The coffee Plantations blight of end of 18th centaury destroyed by the disease. Then tea Plantations replaced instead of coffee. The process of tea became more sophisticated and needed more and more railways built to the Kandy highlands, for transport tea and labor to Colombo port.

From Nanu Oya on the Main Line through very difficult terrain to serve the tea plantations around Nuwara Eliya. Rail Track alignment was defined in this section about 140 years before. The railways achieved modal superiority with speed Aprx. 25 to 40 kmph in the hill country and 65 to 80 in the low country and civil engineering criteria were influenced by the economic need to minimize cuts and fills, permitting gradients to 2 to 3 % and minimizing bridge lengths. As a result, the alignment here is winding with very sharp curves.


Why Sri Lanka Train Ride is So Wonderful?

Sri Lanka is an Amazing little island to safe and friendly travel. Do not miss Taking the train part of your leisure journey most scenic ride will be highlights of your Kandy to Ella (Hill country)  and coastal train ride from Colombo to Galle.


Hill Country Journey

On the train, you can see nice panoramic views on both sides of the train. In the Mountain train passing through the mountains overlooking farms, Little villages and beautiful tea estates with how locals lifestyles. This has become a Most scenic Train Journey in the world.


Coastal Journey

The coastal line Rail Journey (from Colombo to Galle) the countryside close to the sea. The scenery is different from the hill country. A great part of the enchantment of the Sri Lanka trains,




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