Ritigala Mountain

Ritigala is located 188 km north-east of colombo, at Ganewalpola of Sri Lanka.

This is home to 70 rock caves in first century BC. This mountain is great historical chronicle of Sri Lanka. Before, Ritigala was known by the name of “aritthapabbata” during the reign the third king of Pandukabhaya. Since, then Ritigala mountain has king at war.It was against the Dravidian invaders to the island till the 7th century: King Dutugemunu and King Jetthatissa in the 7th century.

Ritigala at a height of 766 m. It’s above the sea-level is the highest mountain in the north-central dry plains of Sri Lanka.  
A short climb off the foot of the mountain takes the visitors to the ruins at Ritigala that are scattering over an area of about 120 acres.

This covered with jungle by wild elephants, leopards and bears. It is the watershed of the Malwatu Oya which feeds the Nachaduwa tank and Kalueba Ela which feeds Huruluwewa. 

Ritigala mountain is very important all round of the year. It has,

  • Wet Climatic Conditions around the year
  • There are subtle water springs flowing throughout the year.
  • Historically ruins are important as a city.

There are so many species of plants. This tree made up of flowers like Palu, Weera, Moray, Pineapple, Lime, Orange, and the most rare species of Ashoka, such as Dot Koha and Yellow Bird. In Addition, Fowl, Parrot, Minna, Neal Bayia, Reed, Various butterflies, as well as elephants. In Fact, tigers, bear, goats, slaughterers, sycamores, pythons, reindeer, viper and reptile animals also.

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