Ramayanaya Story

There is a character named Ravana king- Ramayana which written much later to the era when the Ravana king is said to have lived. The other main character of the Ramayana is Rama. Scholars of the Ramayana say that Rama was a minority living in India in the 7th or 8th century BC. ). Thus there is no chronological match between the characters of the Ramayana. The Ravana era, as the Rajavals say, was in the early 19th century. That is, 1844 years before the conquest. But it is more likely to be the time of kings. According to the title of Raya +, the name of the tribe of the sun can be thought to have been used by several people. But the Ravana king of Ramayana is considered the greatest. The Ramayana is a document to lift Valmiki Rama.

The truth is somewhat obscure, as it seems to be exaggerated. By all accounts, the truth can be circumscribed. Sita was a very nice girl and her parents called her an autocrat to seduce her. Parents had decided to betray Sita to a man who could lift his archer and lift the bow that the ordinary man could not lift. King Rawana too was present but he did not want to compete. He had a genuine love for Sita, but Swingar Law was a different one. Rama Rawana who accompanied Lakshman was not as good as Shivadunna. But he couldn’t put his archer there, and the bow was broken. Although Rama acquired Sita, Ravana’s love for her was not lacking. Sita’s fortunes were unknown to her.

Ravana Seetha and Hanuman

After that, the two sides could not stay in Ayodhya for long. In the meantime, Ravana suffered from severe anguish and practiced meditation to get rid of it. As a result, he was able to take his mind to metaphysics and learn many new doctrines that were not yet in the universe. Subramani Mandodari and the late Rawana Sakvithi were crowned as kings. Rama Sita and Lakshmana, who were sacked by the invaders, resided in the forest of Dandaka, ruled by Suparnaka, the sister of King Rawana. Along with the thieves, they had to kill the animals and return to Ayodhya. When Superna saw it, Eve surrounded it, destroying Eve and cutting off her nose with the fury of a furious Lakshman. Ravana also had the knowledge necessary to cure her nose when she returned to Sri Lanka.

Ravana entered into the jungle with the aim of punishing those responsible and controlling the situation that her sister could not control. His love blossomed again. Ravana had some affection for Sita, though she refused to be seduced by the Sasamika and rejected it. Ravana was also asked to inquire about her health.

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History of Rawana

Once upon a time, Seetha had a desire to see Sri Lanka on a Divine Land. Since she had enough of one day, she decided to come to Sri Lanka while Rama did not do so. Hanuman saw Ramachandra and said that he had gone to Rama and fled with Sita. Rama is a person of all sorts and minds. Outraged, they declared war on Ravana. He assembled an army through Hanuman, who bridged Sri Lanka, and discussed with his brother Vibhishana Rama the greed of kingship and planned to wipe out the Ravana name in history. Accordingly, rumors spread that Sita was abducted. The people were also divided politically.

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