Poḷonnaruwa is a World Heritage Site. Because, Poḷonnaruwa is the fundamental town of Polonnaruwa District in North Central Province, Sri Lanka. Kaduruwela zone is the Polonnaruwa New Town. So, it is the other piece of Polonnaruwa stays as the illustrious old city of the Kingdom of Polonnaruwa. The second most old of Sri Lanka’s kingdoms, Polonnaruwa was first pronounced the capital city by King Vijayabahu. Hence, First of all, we can see Places to visit, King Parakramabahu statue, Royal Palace, Pabalu Vehera and Council Chamber. In Addition, Shiwa dewala number 1 and 2, Rankoth Vehera, Gal Viharaya Rock temple), Lady Vehera, Kiri Vehera. Hence, Anuradhapura is a  World Heritage Site of Sri Lanka…

The Ancient City of Polonnaruwa is a World Heritage Site.

King Parakramabahu statue 

Polonnaruwa is the World Heritage Site. It is indeed King Parakramabahu statue… So this flawlessly cut statue stands 3.5 meters in tallness and cuts into a semi-roundabout shake. Mainstream thinking is this is the statue of lord Parakramabahu (1153-1186) in this manner and large known as the Parakramabahu Statue.  Another conviction is this is a statue of an Indian consecrated cleric. The long facial hair and the mustache, the hair, the dress, and the body with a marginally extensive stomach are not what you would expect from a statue of an awesome kinghttps://www.srilankanriders.com/cultural-tours-srilankan-riders/.

Independent of who this speak to, this is a very lovely and one of a kind statue demonstrating the most abnormal amount of craftsmanship of the stone cutting specialists of that time.

Royal Palace

Among the essential structures in the city of Polonnaruwa is the royal residence of its most prominent ruler, Lord Parakramabahu. In fact, I Known as the Vijayanta Prasada (the second word signifies “Royal residence” itself it was initially a structure of seven stories in tallness, and it would have been a wonder to the general population of the time.

The primary building was a piece of an enormous royal residence complex inside the internal city.

Council Chamber

Nissanka Latha Mandapaya is a square building with fine shake cut railing g going all around lying the Dalada Maluwa territory of the antiquated kingdom of Polonnaruwa. Therefore, this building has worked lord Nissanka Malla (1187-1196).

The most imperative element of this building is the shape and the carvings of the stone columns. The highest point of the columns takes the type of a lotus blossom. Indeed, In the middle is a little Stupa.

Shiwa Dewala number 1 and 2

This Shiva Kovil is thinking to be one of the most seasoned structures of the Polonnaruwa World Heritage Site Kingdom to survive the assaults of time. Finally, this building is totally working out of stone finely laid with idealizing accuracy. So, because of this reason, this is one of the all-around protected curios of the antiquated kingdom.

Pabalu Vehera in World Heritage Site

The starting point of this uncommonly molded Pabalu Vehera stupa is obscure yet it is accepted to been worked by one of the lord Parakramabahu. ( 1153-1186 AD) So, the first name of this stupa isn’t known. Just, the present name “Pabalu” (which means dots) was gotten from the way that an extensive number of little glass globules being found amid the uncovering of the region around the stupa.

Rankoth Vehera

Rankoth Vehera is a stupa situating in the antiquated city of Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka. The stupa was working by Nissanka Malla of Polonnaruwa… Who administered the nation from 1187 to 1196.  Indeed, a stone engraving arranged near the stupa even recognizes it by the name “Ruwanweli”. It’s Rankoth Vehera In Sinhalese, ran implies gold. Because, another Kotha is the name giving to the apex of a stupa, and Vehera implies stupa or sanctuary. So In this way, the name Rankoth Vehera can be generally meant English as “Gold Pinnacled Stupa”… So, along with the Kiri Vehera, Because it is a standout amongst the most loved stupas in Polonnaruwa.

Gal Viharaya ( Rock  temple)

This great gathering of statues was working lord Parakramabahu (1153-1186) which was a piece of the Uthararama Complex. The first statute you will go over is a situated Buddha in contemplation.

Lady Vehera

So next is a little statue of Buddha (around 15 feet high) cut into the stone. On the sides of the statue are two gods. Indeed, it is trusting this cutting speak to the Buddhas visit to a paradise called “Thusitha” to lecture his mom.

Kiri Vehera

This is Kiri Vehera of Polonnaruwa, lying north of Lankathilaka Pilima house is making a ruler of lord Parakramabahu. The first name of this has been “Rupavathi Stupa” … So, then this too is a piece of Ãlahana Privena and stands 80 feet in stature today.


Polonnaruwa Lankathilaka Image House is a solid Buddha picture house Making Parakramabahu (1153-1186) lying on the South of Kiri Vehera. Hence, the building is finishing made out of blocks.  And the external dividers are securing with expounding outlines and carvings. Exceptionally made level blocks have utilized to construct this statue. And today the segment over the shoulder is obliterating.

At the passageway to the Lankathilaka building is two monstrous columns producing using blocks. Then, tallest one is 58 feet in stature.  As per annals, this building has had five stories. So, this too is a piece of the Alahana Privena.

polonnaruwa UNESCO heritage sri lanka sri lankan riders

Picture house

The Buddha statue at the Thivanka Pilimage is around 8 meters in stature yet today. Almost The statue as at today is 6.6 meters tall. Actually, the building is 133 feet long and 67.6″ feet wide. The dividers are 7-12 feet hick making the inside size of the building much smaller

Lotus Pond in Sri Lanka

The Pokuna or the showers found at Polonnaruwa are near to unassuming measurements.

The compositionally consummate Lotus pond was discovering.  Near King Parakramabahu’s royal residence, this is founding close to the rest house and accept to be that of King Nissanka Malla, the grim showers of the Alahana pirivena are a few cases.

The fine cut stone is in superb development and a flat-out joy to the advanced visitor. Indeed, the climate of garden-like surroundings with its antiquated blossoming trees upgrade its heavenliness.

So the annual discusses a lotus shower among numerous lakes developed by Parakramabahu the Great. Beauce, he asks for the peruser to envision a monstrous lotus blossom of rock in full sprout 24 ft. 9 in. measurement, with five concentric laminae of eight petals, step by step reducing to a stamen 5 ft. 4 in. over.

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