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Ella is south hills upper country major tourist point. This small town Located Badulla district uva province Sri Lanka. Surrounding by green hills blanketed in tea plantations with a pleasantly temperate climate. (between 15 – 25celcues). Ella Rock, Little Adam’s peak, nine arch bridge, Rawana waterfall, Dowa Temple these are the main sights to see.

Ella village (Sri Lanka) is has changed dramatically overpass few years with new buildings mushrooming on every plot and number of visitors. single street meanders gently down hills, passing guesthouses cafe and spas.


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In Sri Lanka Uva Provice –  Ella One of the best attraction (hike) is Little Adam’s peak. the best time to hike little Adam Peake in the morning (to see sun rice) and afternoon. (sun rice between 5.30 – 6.10am). The little Adam’s peak pyramid-shaped rock which stands opposite Ella Rock and amazing views over the hills.

Directions –  To begin the walk, head down to Passara Road about 1.2 KM, passing pine trees left-hand side and continue. there are one of the famous hotel & resultant, it’s calling Flower Garden Hotel. Turn to flower garden hotel (right side) then continue on the concrete road around 150 m. After, turn to the again right-hand side. that’s path straightly to little Adam’s peak.


Ella sri lanka Ella rock


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Ella Rock Mountain lies just a little further from Little Adam’s peak. It is hiking to it will require a guide as well.  Alternatively, if you are an experienced hiker, the climb up Rock gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself if you

feel like it. You will face with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. This includes views of Little Adam’s Peak and a clear view of the Ella Gap.

Directions – From Ella railway s station continue 2 km on the railway track to kithalella direction. passing the black bridge and before the kith Ella rail station there is a Buddhist temple. turn from their left-hand side. continue thought that path around 2 km.

Sri Lanka Ella Little adamspeak -hills

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Rawana waterfall is famous because of Ramayana connections. According to Ramayanaya epic, the demon king Ravana brought captive Sitha to here and hide her away in the cave couple of Km outside of Ella town.

Direction – Between town and wellawaya (its a next city ) direction 6km.

Ella -Rawana water fall sri lankan riders holiday & tours

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Between Railway station located Nine arch bridge. This is a beautiful architect design. one of the best example of colonial-era railway construction in the island. Bridge construction local Ceylonese buider P.K Appuhami.

Directions – Continue by railway station to Damodara side few km. or turn left-hand side from flower garden hotel. (Above mentioned hotel)

Nine arch bridge Ella sri lanka

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