National Parks Safaris

National Parks Safari

Sri Lankan Riders, we are organizing the National Parks safari in Sri Lanka. We have our own safari jeeps and facilitators around the whole over the island. Being an evergreen country, srilanka has 26 national parks which covers more than 5000km2.all of the national parks are state owned and administrated by the government. therefore all the habitats are protected. its illegal to do huntings, destroying, damaging or even disturbing the habitants considered as punishable activitiy.

especially when its come to huntings,for example in african region there are privately owned national parks, where you can do hunting during a specific period in a year after having permission from the owner of it.but in srilanka its completely probhited.killing a wild animal might get upto death penalty.

Currently, we are doing Minneriya, Kaudulla, Eco Park, Udawalawe, Yala, Hurulu national park and Bundala National park safaris.

Udawalawe,Minneriya, kaudulla,hurulu eco park are other some famous national parks.especially to see elephant gathering.they live there in large herds.and close to udawalawe national park there is an elephant transit home administrated by the government which take care of baby orphan wild elephants in the vision of protecting.when they reach maturity send back to the jungle.
You can visit National Parks in Sri Lanka

  1. Minneriya National Park
  2. Kaudulla National Park
  3. Udawalawa National Park
  4. Yala National Park
  5. Hurulu National Park
  6. Bundala National Park
  7. Gal Oya National Park

Sri Lankan Riders Safaris

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Elephants Safari By Sri Lankan Riders

Leopard safari By Sri Lankan Riders

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