Kaudulla National park

Kaudulla National park

Kaudulla National park Elephant

Kaudulla National Park in Sri Lankawas opening in 2002 providing the elephants more expenses in the wilderness It is the process connecting to the elephant corridor between Minneriya and Wasgomuwa national parks to the south.

September and October are the best times to visit Kaudulla to enjoy. Therefore, 211 beasts were counting in Kaudulla in 2008. Hence, habarana road too lies in the midst of the elephant domains. This park is a famous wildlife park in Sri Lanka.

Kaudulla National Park is a national stop on the island of Sri Lanka found 197 kilometers (122 mi). So, it is far from the biggest city, Colombo. Actually, this park was assigning a national stop on April 1, 2002, turning into the fifteenth such zone on the island. Then, In the 2004– 2005 season in excess of 10,000 individuals went by the Kaudulla National Park. It is producing a pay of Rs.100,000 from entrance fees. Along with Minneriya and Girithale, BirdLife International has recognized Kaudulla as an Important Bird Area.

Just, Truly Kaudulla National Park was one of the 16 water system tanks working by King Mahasen. So, following a time of deserting it was reproducing in 1959. It now pulls in and bolsters an assortment of plant and creature life, including expansive warm-blooded creatures, fish, and reptiles.

The average annual rainfall is between 1500 mm. – 2000 mm. The rain is mainly from the north-eastern monsoon. Dry weather condition prevails during the period from April–October in the year. The average annual temperature varies between 20.6 C – 34.5 C.

It now attracts and supports a variety of plant and animal life, including large mammals, fish, and reptiles.

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