Hurulu national park

Hurulu national park (Eco national park)

The Hurulu national park Forest Reserve in Sri Lanka is a flourishing eco framework with an assortment of animals. Indeed, this is Eco Park. So the forest reserve is a very important habitat of the Sri Lankan Elephant.

It assigned as a biosphere hold in 1977. So the timberland save is a vital natural surrounding of the Sri Lankan elephant. Actually, this creature is known for its transient conduct. And also does as such as particularly in the dry season. Then, it is between the woodlands arranging around the territory. There are many other protecting areas situated around Hurulu Forest Reserve.  The animal is migratory behavior.  And does so especially in the dry season between the forests situated around the area.

Elephants Hiding Thou Bush Hurulu National Park

These National Park woods hold speaks to the dry-zone dry evergreen backwoods, Sri Lanka. The numerous other secured territories arranged around Hurulu Forest Reserve. Ritigala strict nature saves, Minneriya-Girithale and Mahaweli surge fields nature saves.

Hurulu National Park Sri Lanka                       

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