GREBE & SHEARWATERS in sri lanka.

Little Grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis capensis)

Little grebe in sri lanka bird watching tours sri lankan riders | grebe & shearwaters

GREBE & SHEARWATERS In breeding plumage neck and cheeks turn deep chestnut. Crown and upper half of face tum black . Gape develops pale patch that can look luminescent green at close range . In non – breeding plumage colors are duller. Sexes similat .

GREBE habits are  Lowland freshwater lakes . Common bird in aquatic habitats , but easily overlooked because of its small size and discreet habits . At times teams of Little Grebes gather to form rafts that may hold over s hundred birds ; lakes in Annaiwilundawa are a good site to see this phenomenon,  Widespread in lowlands . Scarce in hills , although present on Lake Gregory in Nuwara Eliya in highlands . VOICE Whinnying call that is heard most frequently during breeding season .

Wedge tailed Shearwater (Puffinus pacificus)

Wedge tailed shearwater in sri lanka. Bird watching tour

Like Flesh – footed Shearwater ( see below ) , this bird has flesh – coloured feet . Also Its more slender , all – dark bill is the best feature that separates it from Flesh – footed . The Wedge tail Shearwater does not always show as well . Bill pattern the best field characteristic . Also longer necked than Flesh – footed . but this is not always apparent . HABITAT Pelagic . this birds are  arriving  in to sti lanka between  mid April before south west monsoon time. Sightings peter out by end of April , when seas become too rough for birders to go out in a brat.

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