Sinhala tamil New Year Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan New Year

Sinhala Hindu New Year

Sinhalese new year, generally known as  ALUTH AVURUDDA in Sri Lanka. its a Sri Lankans holiday that celebrates the traditional new year of the Sinhalese people in Sri Lanka. its a major anniversary celebrated by not only the Sinhalese people but by most Sri Lankans as well.

its a public holiday in Sri Lanka and usually celebrating on13th and 14th of April. traditionally begins at the sighting of the new moon.

according to Sinhala astrology, the new year begins when the sun moves from Meena rashiya to Mesha rashiya. it also marks the end of the harvest season of spring.


Sighting of new moon

bathing for the old year

Dawn of the new year

Punya kalaya

preparing meals

starting work, transaction & partaking of meal

Anointing the head with oil

Leaving for work

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