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Poson Full Moon Poya Day

   poson full moon poya day is most important poya day in sri lanka. Mihindu thero, who had examined King Pathis II’s intelligence, had a good conversation with mangoes and nephews. It also considered to be the world’s oldest intelligence test. The Most Venerable Buddhist monk preached about the wise king.The Buddhist monk who had pity on the innocent people of Sri Lanka. And arrived in Sri Lanka on the full moon day of the 266th Buddha year.

The most magnificent day of the Poson Full Moon Poya day is the most magnificent day of the day. On a full moon day in Poson.
With great compassion for the worldly creature in the dark, caught in the flames of the flames and he purified the plane of Lakdivi three times. And following the footsteps of the sovereign Father, who guided the whole world. However, the majority of Sri Lankans who did not believe in religion at that time worshiped by the sun, moon, and stars. And also worshiped Yaksha and Tree worship.

Buddhist monks arrived

buddhist poson full moon

The Buddhist monk who had pity on the innocent people of Sri Lanka arrived in Sri Lanka on the full moon day of the 266th Buddha year.
Ven. Ittiya, Uttiya and Sambala. And also Bhaddasala Thera and Ven. Shad Abhigabhali Sumana Thero and Ven.
These missionaries, carrying Pali Tripitaka and Atapattu, came to Mihintale with direct power. And also flooded the pure Saddam River with the Lakdivas. This is also mentioning in ancient chronicles such as Theravada tradition, Samantapasadika, Deepavamsa, and Mahavamsa.
Therefore, King Devanam Piyatissa, who crowned as king of Sri Lanka at the time. And arrived at the Pagosanaya festival on the Poson festival with a crowd of forty thousand, ready for a fine age.

Mihintale Pawwa

There, the ruler of the Mihintale Pawwa made an appearance of a deer who was eating a bush of grass.
This glorious king, who thought it was unfair to hunt for food, chased after the sound of the bow and chased the deer. However,  the king amazed by the voice of the Tissa Telephones.  And it was comforting by the saintly vision of the Venerable Arahant Mahinda Thero. And who was living at Mihintalawa, Arana, Nissala.

In a friendly conversation, the King, who had come to Sri Lanka with great pity and realized that he was a noble disciple of the King Dhamma.  And recalled his invisible friend, Dham Soo, and took great joy. The king shone in the light of the dawn of dawn; And  which shone brightly over the hill of Mihintale. It was the Buddhist monk Ven. Therefore, Mihindu Thero who reasserted to us the value of the Buddha’s penance-preserving behavior as stated by the Buddha in the Chakravarti Seehananda Sutta. Mihindu thero, who had examined King Pathis II’s intelligence. And a good conversation with mangoes and nephews. It also considered to be the world’s oldest intelligence test.

The Buddhist monk who was impressing with the wise king. And preached the “Chulahlavathi Padopama Sutta” in the parable of the Elephant Parable.
Forty thousand devotees, accompanied by a king who comforted by the Triple Gem. And it became Buddhists and shone in the full moon of Buddhism on the full moon day of Poson.

The secular Bhaktaka Upasaka, who ordained in the shadows of the Buddhist monk. And recited this sutta and attained ordination in order to attain the supreme ascetic fruit. And also shine the Lakdiva talaka in the first Upasampada chanting.

Samchachitta Pariyaya Sutta

In response to the invocation of Sumana thero, the Mihindu Thero preached Sri Saddamma with the sound of “Samchachitta Pariyaya Sutta”. It is in accordance with the sound of the Dhamma. The great Buddhist heritage of Sri Lanka bestowed on the Buddhist heritage of the country by the blessings of the Buddhist monks on the poson full moon poya day.  It was due to the noble guidance of the Venerable Mihindu Buddhist monk that the Southern Buddha inherited a branch of the Sri Maha Bodhi. Which brought about the liberation of Sri Lankan women and enlightenment of the Sri Lankan Bodhi.

Mahindagammana made a significant change in the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It having established the value of Buddhist philosophy in the world with a number of great books. It’s such as Dharma Pradeepika, Dampiya Atuwa Gathavadaya and Five hundred and fifty Jataka books. In addition, Poojavali and Muwaddevatha also.

Oral genealogies, archeology, Mahavamsa and Deepavamsa say that the life of the artist. Who lived in Hela at the time was a great one. The artist Hela Nelson decorated the pillars of Buddha statues on crumbling stone pillars. And also decorated the plains with frescoes.Therefore the sacred caves of the forest converted into caves. And where the sacred shrines of the forest shone.
Mihintale, the center of Buddhist civilization in Sri Lanka, has been blessed with the most sacred Sri Lankan Buddhist monk as a unique sacred place in the world.

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