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Nawam Full Moon Poya Day

Arahant Sariyut Mugalan conferred the honorary post on the day of Nawam Full Moon Poya. This poya day also important poya day in Sri lanka. On the day of the Nawam Poya day, the Buddhist preaching of the Buddha preached to Sariputta Mugalan. Diganaaka preached the “Suffering Sutra” on the day of Nawam Poya. It was on the day of Nawam Poya that the life editor of Gautama Buddha abandoned.

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Nawam Full Moon Day is a day when many important events in the history of Buddha Sasana took place.

first Maha Sangha Sanghaya

Our late Arahant Sariputta Mugalan appointed to the position of Supreme Buddha on the day of Nawam Full Moon Poya. In addition, the first Maha Sangha Sanghaya was helding at Veluwanaramaya, Rajagaha on the Nawam Poya day.

Buddhism is a democratic religion. It is possible to reason and understand the truth. It is permissible to express opinions and, in some cases, to voice policy issues.

While the senior monks were on the sasana, some of the monks were criticizing for granting noble positions to the two junior monks. He reasoned with these words in a courteous manner. (“The monks who are pious, sassy, ​​bigotry, etc. Did not despair of the virtues of the above spirits.” I have been given positions of authority. ”

There are two basic discourses of Buddhism. The first is the “Ordinary Anti-Discourse” sermon. The second is the sermon, Ana. This requires self-discipline. Or he is disciplining himself. On the day of the Navam Poya day, the Buddhist preaching of the Buddha preached to Sariputta Mugalan.

It is customary for the monks to gather together in one place and preach auspicious counter-insurgency every six months, three months or so. Actually, The Buddha preached the Enlightenment of Enlightenment 20 years ago. During that period, the warned.

An important discipline

The Anna sermon is the command. Here precepts were imposing. This was very important for discipline. This shows how disciplined Buddhism is.

The Buddha preached the “Veliparitta Sutta” to Diganaka Nayaka Thausana who lived in the Sukhrakathalena, near the Gijjakuta Rock, on a Navam Poya day. At this point, the Most Venerable Sariputta Thero was in a state of prosperity while we were standing beside our Lord and listening to His Sermon.

After the offering of the two saris, the Buddha left the city of Rajagaha and visited the Chapala Chaitya. The Supreme Buddha had repeatedly stated to the Dhamma Treasurer, Ananda Thero, that the four-fold Buddhist can live a lifetime. Taking advantage of this, the Marai invited the actual Buddha to perform the ritual.

It happened on a Navam Poya day. Upon arriving at the town of Pawa, the Buddha offered the Kusinara Malla in the Sal Garden of the Kings. It was on the day of Nawam Poya that the life editor of Gautama Buddha abandoned. Buddhism is not only a religion, but a very important life philosophy. Therefore, Professor Max ,  German scholar, has said that the Supreme Buddha can be described as a great jewel that combines all the noble qualities he preached.

An important lesson we learn from Buddhism

Being kind to all the animals that are in the best interests of mankind is an important lesson we learn from Buddhism.

Every Poya day of the year, the Buddhist devotees perform thousands of rituals such as Seela and Samadhi, spreading the Dhamma fragrance from all over the island. Tens of thousands of devotees and devotees engaged in the puja under the highest discipline.

When it comes to modern management, there are many lessons to be learned from Buddhism. There are many things that we can learn from Buddhism that can help a person develop his character.

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