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Ill Full Moon Poya Day

The full moon, full of solos, rises on the full moon and falls on the full moon fullmoon day. The Il-Poon Poya Day is centered on a series of religiously commemorative events that inspire the hearts of Buddhists all over the world.

The rainy season ends with the full moon. It was on the day of Il Poon Poya day 2603 years ago that our master Gautama Arahat Samma Sambuddha sent the first Arahants for the propagation of the Dhamma. On the Poya day of the month of July, the success of the Blessed Sacrament began to take place in order to restrain the three-legged jailers who had amassed a thousand monks in one place.

This is the pole day of the monks’ funeral. The last day of disciplinary discipline, or the last day of the month of Chevara, is the Il Poya day. Also, Maithri Maha Buddha who attains the Buddha’s birth in this Mahabodra Kalpa is said to have received full commentary from the Gautama Buddha on the full moon day.

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