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Esala Full Moon Poya Day


After observing the Buddha’s observation, Lord Maya conceived the womb of Lord Maya on the day of Esala Poya.

Siddhartha Buddha disheartened by the devastation of Lord Buddha and the birth of Prince Rahula occurs on the day of Esala Full Moon Poya day.  It is also said that the Sakvithi monarchy will reign in seven days to avoid the laying of the sacred Booths by the Maraya.


Six years after leaving the Buddha, Lord Buddha attained enlightenment and preached the Dhamma Chakkawatana Sutta for the first time in the year of the Barenas Isipatana Migada.

In order to break the threshold of the Tirthas, the Supreme Buddha performed a great sermon on the Gandhabbha Tree at the beginning of an auspicious day.

During the reign of King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe, there were no Upasapan monks in Sri Lanka.

The monks living in the temples also begin the Vasya (pre-dawn) on the Poya day.

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