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Bak Full Moon Day

The month of Buk Pohobak, or April, is a month of peace and comfort for all of Sri Lankan. This is the second time Buddha Siripa became purer on the day of the Buddha. The Buddha witnessed this dispute. On the eve of the month of Bukk, on the morning of the full day of the month of the month of Bukim, He rose up and proceeded to the countryside. In the fifth year of his enlightenment, a goddess named Samdhi Sumana, who was guarding the milk of the doorway of the Devram Gate, took up the Milky Way tree, which is his abode. King Maniakkhika Naga, the uncle of King Mahodara, had come from Kelaniya to help his son-in-law. On the first visit of the Buddha to Sri Lanka, King Maniakkhika Naa who was in Sarana Sil and invited the Buddha to come to his native place, Kelaniya. This is a day of great Buk Poya love that excels in historical events.

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