Ella Hill Country

Ella hill Country

Ella hills are one of the most famous hills in Sri Lanka. Because, this town itself is surrounding by the beautiful hills of the Central Highlands; covered in rolling green tea estates, the tall trees of cloud forests, and interesting natural formations. The town is a delight to be in as it maintains its originality and rural feel while still catering to the thousands of tourists that visit it during seasonal highs hills. Ella famous for Little Adam’s peak and Ravana Ella.

Little Adam’s Peak

Little Adam’s Peak in Ella, however, is the perfect cousin of the larger hills peak to hike with your training gloves on. Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka is one of the tallest peaks of the country standing at 2243m of course. It’s well known for religious significance placed by all the local religions on the strange giant footprint on the mountain’s summit.  While, quite high on a visiting hiker’s places-to-see list, it’s also quite a challenging climb that can be difficult for an not so experienced hiker.

adam's peak

Ella Rock

Ella Rock lies just a little further from Little Adam’s peak. It is hiking to it will require a guide as well.  Alternatively, if you are an experienced hiker, the climb up Ella Rock gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself if you
feel like it.

Finally, you will face with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. This includes views of Little Adam’s Peak and a clear view of the Ella Gap.

Ravana Ella

This beautiful and dangerous waterfall.. Ravana Ella as the locals call the Ravana Waterfalls can be hiked to or be traveled to in a vehicle. The ‘Ramayana’ is one of the most famous Tamil Hindu Story. This waterfall is Join that Story.

The Ravana Falls gained their name from the evidence found there in a cave high above the falls; showing ancient traces of someone have imprisoned there. You can climb to the cave. The rock staircase is quite tricky and located about 500m from the falls on the same road.

This Mountain is Very Deep and Very dangerous. Because, please don’t take any photographs from the shore, no matter who may urge you to try climbing the rocks; and do not attempt foolish dares.

The Nine Arches Bridge

So if you ask the locals in Ella about the attractions in the area; one of the first places they will mention is the so-called ‘Nainach’. Take them to Nainach. You have to see Nainach. So, we will show you the way to Nainach. Which would leave you completely clueless about what they are talking about? So, you would wonder whether it’s a word in the local language.

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