Botanical Gardens


Sri lanka botanical garden have long and proud history. There are 26 botanical gardens managed and maintained by the Department of Botanic Gardens. There are 4 gardens start by British period. Ever gorgeous Royal Garden, Peradeniya is a wet zone botanical garden.

Sri lanka is a tropical country and evergreen country. And 1 of the 25 biodiversity hotpots in the world. In addition, We don’t feel seasonal changes. We do have rainy season and dry season of course.

we do have wet zone, dry zone, intermediate zone and arid zone.

Wet Zone

The wet zone is getting average rain fall above 2500 mm likewise. The botanical gardens in this zone we refer as wet zone botanical gardens of course.

Sri Lanka is famous for botanical gardens. It’s including, Hakgala garden, Gregory Lake, Peradeniya garden and etc. Actually, this gardens handling in Division of National Botanic Gardens of the Department of Agriculture in Sri Lanka.

This Gardens Started as far back as 1371. Then, it’s King Wickramabahu III ascended the throne and kept the court at Peradeniya near the Mahaweli river. Because this was following by King Kirti Sri and King Rajadhi Rajasinghe. The temple was building on this location by King Wimala Dharma. And then , but it was destroying the British when they were giving control over the Kandy kingdom.

Sri Lanka other popular parks and Gardens.

  1. Hakgala national park – Nuwara eliya
  2. Victoria Park – Nuwara eliya 
  3. Geogery Lake park – Nuwara eliya
  4. Peradeniya Garden –  Kandy

botanical gardens wet zone gardens sri lankaperadeniya

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