BIRDWATCHING IN SRI LANKA Below is a brief overview of bird watching highlights in Sri Lanka .

Bird watching in Sri Lanka

• There are 34 endemic bird species – a very high density of endemics given the size of the country .

• Birds are surprisingly tame whether they are in a national park or in an urban setting . Many bird photographers remark on how easy it is to take pictures of the birds . Even birds that are familiar worldwide , such as many waders , present better photographic opportunities in Sri Lanka than they do in other parts of the world .

On the moderately sized island that is Sri Lanka , the birding sites are highly varied , including lush lowland rainforests , cloud forests , elephant- and Leopard – rich dry lowlands , wetlands and coastlines . 

The roads and accommodation infrastructure are good , and there is a mature tourist industry with English spoken widely in cities and even in remote areas .

There are a number of specialized wildlife and birding tour companies catering for both local and foreign birders . A good variery of natural history publications on Sri Lanka is available for reference

TOP SITES For visiting foreign birders

TOP SITES For visiting foreign birders the key targets are the endemics that are found in the wet zone . To find these it is essential to visit a good lowland rainforest site such as Sinharaja and a montane site such as Horton Plains National Park .

Birders in search of the endemics should also fit in Kithulgala Rainforest to maximize their chances , and a visit to a national park such as Yala is recommended .

The following are the main sites visited by birders on two week tours to Sri Lanka . Black – headed Ibis and Asian Openbills in Talangama Wetland Sinharaja Rainforest

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