Average Tipping in sri lanka

Average Tipping in sri lanka during the tour –

Almost every tourists  prefer to grips with the Sri Lanka tipping etiquette before the holiday. Its true  sri lanka having strong tipping culture ; of course – important additional way of earn money as part time.

satisfactions especially for driver guides (chauffeur guides)

Chauffeur guide can be tipping Aprx 15 USD to 20 USD (3000LKR to 3500LKR) a day for best service.

But you able to give this to them at the end of each day, or Most of driver/guide they are prefer to take it end of tour. (Total tip) (last day of your departure)


How much sites and other guides

Normally  roughly  estimate is 5USD to 10 USD (Aprx 800LKR  to 1500LKR) an hour. If the guide is particularly enthusiastic and good. But almost  other guides they hopping tips. Depend on your satisfaction.

How much to hotel staff

How much is for Hotel staff in Sri Lanka?  its depend if you stay in a budget hotels or luxury villas.

Most of budget  hotels have a tip box.  Even in large or luxury hotels, wages are very low.  so these tips are appreciated and needs.

For bellboy – 150 LKR to 300 LKR

Doorman – 100 LKR

Waiter – 200 LKR

this amount is impossible to dictate and depend on entirely. also how helpful – friendly and services they have been and how generous you are feeling. 1500 LKR – 2000 LKR per day is a best  guides.

For Restaurants

If 10% service charges will be usually included in restaurant bills. Its best to checking your total bill  whether or its not been added.

In local restaurants – normally not including 10% service charge. If you had good service, and best meals give them small tip (Aprx 200 LKR to 300 LKR)– anything up to you

Anyway above all these tips depend on your satisfactions and good services

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